Rules of the Match Hero contest

I. General Provisions

  1. The name of the Contest is Match Hero, referred to herein as the Contest.
  2. The Contest is arranged by InstaForex Group (hereinafter the Organizer) jointly with Liverpool Football Club.
  3. The Contest is held from February 16, 2017 until May 21, 2017.
  4. The web address of the contest home page:
  5. Prize distribution:
    1. Prize 1 is a fully paid trip to a city where LFC Summer pre-season game will take place and an opportunity to award a prize to the best footballer determined in the contest.
    2. Prize 2 is a gift trip for two people and VIP tickets for a home match of Liverpool FC for the 2017/2018 season.
    3. Prize 3 is a gift trip and a VIP ticket for a home match of Liverpool FC for the 2017/2018 season.
    4. Prize 4 is a trading account with a $1,000 bonus and a football with autographs of Liverpool FC’s players.
    5. Prize 5 is a trading account with a $750 bonus and a football with autographs of Liverpool FC’s players.
    6. Prize 6 is a trading account with a $500 bonus and a football with autographs of Liverpool FC’s players.
    7. Prize 7 is a trading account with a $250 bonus and a football with autographs of Liverpool FC’s players.
    8. Prize 8 is a trading account with a $250 bonus.
    9. Prize 9 is a trading account with a $200 bonus.
    10. Prize 10 is a trading account with a $200 bonus.

II. Contest Participants

  1. People who are at least 18 years old (referred to herein as the Participant) are permitted to take part in the contest.
  2. The Participant should create a user account (referred to herein as the Profile) by means of a registration on the contest web page.
  3. If the Participant registers more than one Profile for the contest, this is the sound reason for disqualification.
  4. When registering for the Contest, the Participant agrees to provide authentic personal data such as a full name as written in an identity document and a valid email.
  5. In the event of detecting that the Participant is using two and/or more Profiles from the same IP, the contest administration is entitled to disqualify an owner (s) of these Profiles. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to avoid using GPRS- and 3G modems.
  6. The Organizer retains the right to deny the Participant's registration without setting out reasons. Besides, the Organizer can disqualify the Participant during the Contest giving them a reason.
  7. Applying for the Contest, the Participant acknowledges all the rules and restrictions related to the Contest.
  8. Close relatives are banned from participating in the Contest. In case, any registration details of the Participant's account coincide with another Participant's registration details, the company is entitled to consider such coincidence to be reasonable grounds for disqualification.

III. Contest description

  1. Before every game in the English Premier League with participation of Liverpool FC, participants should enter the Contest web page to predict the best player of the nearest match. So the Participant has to log in to his Profile and choose four candidates ranking them from 1 to 4 in order of their probable victory. The Participant makes a choice from the whole team using the list of players available in the Profile. Opposite to the name of each player, there is a drop-down menu in which you can rank priorities from 1 to 4 (the first rank should be given to a footballer who is the most expected to win, then you rank in descending order). Each player should be assigned only one rank. After the Participant has selected four players, the Profile displays the list of candidates for the best player in the upcoming game. No amendments to the list are allowed.
  2. The Participant is invited to pick the best player for the next match on the next workday after the previous match of Liverpool FC. The opportunity to make a choice closes on the day of the game three hours before its start.
  3. The best player is determined after every game by an expert among veterans of Liverpool FC. After every game, an expert makes a video in which he picks the best player according to his assessment and presents the arguments for. A new video will be posted on the contest web page after every match.
  4. If a player who is announced the best is mentioned on someone’s list of candidates, this Participant is awarded scores. The amount of scores depends on a rank given by the Participant to the player who is declared the best. The scores are distributed as follows: 1st place – 4 scores, 2nd place – 3 scores, 3rd place – 2 scores, 4th place – 1 score.
  5. The players of Liverpool FC are also assigned scores. The footballer receives 10 scores if he is recognized as the best in a game. Besides, the player who has collected the most votes from Participants before the match is awarded 1 score. In case two or more players have collected the same number of votes before the match, each of them is given 1 score.

IV. Announcement of results

  1. Ranks of all Participants are freely available on the Organizer's website during the whole contest term.
  2. Information on countries and regions of Participants can be subject to publication.

V. Winner determination

  1. The Contest results are posted within 10 days after the best player from the Liverpool squad is determined in the final match of the English Premier League of the 2017/18 season. The Participant with the biggest score will be declared the Winner (later referred to as the Winner).
  2. The Participants with fewer scores will be awarded prizes according to their results and ranks in the Contest.
  3. In case the two Participants share the same rank as they obtained the same scores, the decision on a rank priority between these two Participants is made by the Organizer.
  4. The Winners agree that their full names will be made public.
  5. Apart from the Winner, the Organizer will also announce the best player from Liverpool FC who has gained the biggest score in the overall Contest. In case several players end up with the same result, the Winner is determined at the Organizer’s discretion.
  6. The Winner will have the opportunity to present the best player with a prize at a LFC Summer pre-season game in summer 2017. If due to circumstances the prize cannot be presented personally (for example, if the player is unavailable in the Liverpool squad during the game), the Winner will be rewarded in a different way as the Organizer decides.

VI. Obtaining of the prize

  1. The Winners, who have won gift trips to a match, should provide the documents required for the trip arrangement within 10 calendar days since the Contest results are revealed.
  2. The Winner agrees that the full name and related photo and video materials will be posted on the InstaForex web resource if the Organizer requires.
  3. The Winners who have received bonus money from the company should register and verify a live trading account on their own on the Organizer’s web site at within 30 calendar days after the results of the first round are announced.
  4. The Winners, who have won footballs, should provide the necessary documents as well as their residential addresses for a prize delivery within 30 calendar days after the results of the first round are revealed.
  5. The prize money will be credited to the verified live trading accounts opened by the Winners.
  6. The Winner acknowledges that any operation on a live trading account opened both by the contest administration and the Winner themselves is considered to be the Winner's activity which is regulated by the agreements and rules of InstaForex.
  7. The prize money is restricted to withdrawal. However, a profit gained from trading the bonus money can be withdrawn.
  8. The Organizer retains the right to declare a prize given earlier invalid and cancel it on the ground of direct or indirect evidence of fraud, for example laundering the prize money by the Participant.
  9. Withdrawal of funds is done automatically as soon as a withdrawal request is submitted. An account balance and free margin are checked by the Finance Department on the subject of conformity to the withdrawal request. In case non-conformity is traced, the requested money is refunded to the trading account.

VII. Language

  1. The language of the rules is English.
  2. For the Participant convenience, the Organizer can provide the Contest rules in a language different from English. The translated version of the rules is of merely informative character.
  3. In case of any differences between the English version of these rules and their translations into other languages, priority will be given to the English version.