Match Hero

InstaForex has launched an awesome contest, especially for the fans of Liverpool FC!

But why is it so special? Because all our previous contests were somehow connected with trading. This one is completely different. But first things first.

Before every Liverpool FC EPL game we will offer you the chance to guess the best player of the game. Of course we do understand, it’s a very challenging task to predict the best player. Therefore you’ll have four attempts instead of one! You can choose four players. The more you vote for a particular player - the higher you should place him. For example:

  • 1. Adam Lallana
  • 2. Philippe Coutinho
  • 3. James Milner
  • 4. Divock Origi

And here comes the question, how will the best player be determined? We have prepared a surprise for you! After every Liverpool FC game, an LFC legend will select their match hero which will be uploaded via video.

If the Legend choses on of your preferred players, you will get the points. The higher ranking the player is, the more points you get. The 1st choice gives you four points, the 2nd - three, the 3rd - two and finally 4th will reward you with one point. Taking our example - should the expert choose James Milner - we get 2 points. In other words, the more you believe in a particular player, the higher you should place him.

There are 14 games ahead of us. Thus, you can get up to 56 points and become a leader in this contest. And there is a reason for this. In June 2017 we will determine two winners. The best participant of our contest will be the ultimate match hero for LFC.

But why this should bother me?

The answer is simple, we will take you to the LFC Summer pre-season game, where in front of the crowd you’ll be able to present the award to “Match Hero”. If the prize cannot be presented due to reasons within and beyond of organizers control (for example, if the player is unavailable in the Liverpool squad during the game), the organizers will arrange the meeting with some of the LFC stars instead.

The Hero of the previous match is Georginio Wijnaldum

Participants rating
Top 10
Rank Nick Rating
1 shogunruabrazil 19
2 broqoo 18
3 Julia 17
4 7kNV 17
5 Rsakom 16
6 olga787 16
7 ZenFX 16
8 akulina 16
9 Chepa 16
10 WarMir 15
Players rating
Top 10
Rank Name Rating
1 Joel Matip 30
2 Simon Mignolet 21
3 Emre Can 20
4 Philippe Coutinho Correia 16
5 Sadio Mane 15
6 Roberto Firmino 11
7 Georginio Wijnaldum 10
8 Ragnar Klavan 10
9 Divock Origi 10
10 Daniel Andre Sturridge 1