The partnership with Liverpool FC has lots of advantages. One of these - an opportunity to directly learn from club's legends what they owe their success to. And the most important thing - to share it with you!


Close your eyes and imagine it`s Jason McAteer!

In 2001 at U2 concert the band leader Bono draped himself in the Irish flag and asked the crowd of thousands: Close your eyes and imagine it`s Jason McAteer! The frenzied crowd cheered in return. It happened when McAteer scored a goal against Holland for Ireland in a World Cup qualifier.

Many years have passed since that moment, but the name of Jason McAteer is still remembered by both Irish team and Liverpool fans. He had been playing for the Reds for 5 years; 139 matches were played together with famous footballers like Jamie Redknapp, Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman.

Despite the fact that Jason has already finished his football career he still represents Liverpool FC at different events including the ones organized by partners. Grand Dinner-2015, which was held by InstaForex on October, 10 in Kuala-Lumpur, was not exclusion. Jason McAteer became our honored guest and took active part in this event.

The footballer not only revealed the secrets of his success and answered the questions of our guests but also presented the keys from the car which was raffled this summer among our Malaysian clients to the winner.

After the official part of Grand Dinner was over, McAteer was busy having pictures taken with InstaForex guests and signing autographs for the vip-clients.

We were even luckier and had a chance to talk to ex-midfielder of Liverpool behind the scenes!

It’s hard to be God

How the master of his craft, the one who has heart in his work, is called? They say he is doing this like ‘God’. Such people are respected and loved; they became idols. However, they are always watched and have to be qualified in order to live up to the expectations invested in them.

Robbie Fowler’s name is known to any football fan. He started his career with Liverpool FC and is considered one of the best footballers in the club history. He had been playing for Reds almost 15 years; 330 games played and 173 goals scored.

In the beginning of his career he was called ‘God’ by his fans. It was clear straight away that he had an amazing knack for scoring goals. The young striker showed remarkable results. No wonder that he became the 4th best striker in the history of English Premier League and a locally-bred legend of Liverpool FC.

Nowadays Robbie Fowler is Liverpool’s ambassador. He participates in the events organized by the club and its partners. Thanks to our cooperation with the legendary Liverpool FC we got lucky to meet Robbie and talk to him.

On 23 July, 2015 during InstaForex summit for partners in the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur (where Liverpool FC is known and loved), Robbie Fowler made a speech for the key partners of the company.

What was Robbie doing at the summit? Working for 5 years in the sports marketing we realize that we can learn a lot from famous sportsmen. The speech by the football ‘God’ was a great proof of it. Robbie preferred interactive format; for 50 minutes he was answering questions of the summit participants who were trying to find out the success formula. Robbie did his best; the conversation was very informative for our guests. Moreover, he took part in photo session with more than 50 guests.

At last when the photo session was over we enjoyed our privileges and asked Robbie the questions which were interesting to us: