Beat the Legend

Sometimes when we watch football we imagine ourselves on the pitch and make up the stories of us beating the legends. These dreams don’t come true very often but now, together with LFC everyone can take this challenge and beat the legend!

It’s quite obvious that the whole InstaForex team roots for LFC in EPL. Therefore, we consider ourselves to be the experts in this field. So we will dare to make the forecast of every LFC game this season.  Every forecast will be the basis for a binary option contest where you can take a chance to beat us.

For example; Let’s take the home game against Leicester City which was played on 10.09. Our forecast was 2:1 to Liverpool FC. If you think LFC will play even better (e.g. 2:0) you choose “call”. If you are not so optimistic and you forecast is (for example) 0:0 you chose “put”. Simple isn’t it?

But you can not only beat us in the contest. Legendary player Jason McAteer well-known to our clients decided to take our challenge and join the contest! Jason will also provide his analyses to all EPL LFC games and explain his choice, helping you make the decision!

Needless to say that the company offers fancy prizes including a trip to the famous Anfield! So stop dreaming and beat the legend!

Our outlook:
Everton FC

Jason McAteer analysis:

After sharing the points against Manchester City in Liverpool’s last fixture in what was arguably the best Premier League game of the season so far, the Reds now face another tough task in arch rivals Everton.

The Blues are the inform team. Since they lost to Liverpool in mid-December, they have only lost two in their last 13 games and scored 31 goals in which the Belgium Romelu Lukaku has scored 13 of them. The Blues have crept quietly up the table and the form Ronald Koeman's men are in, this latest encounter with Liverpool should be a cracker.

Everton are now only six points off fourth but Manchester United and Arsenal have two games in hand so it might just be a little late for Champions League aspirations this season. Both teams are awaiting the return of their international players but barring any injuries, both managers should have an almost fully fit squad to pick from. Derbies are always tricky fixtures to call and with both teams in great form this makes it even more difficult.

These games are certainly for the brave and there is definitely nowhere to hide. Home advantage may be key for Liverpool in this one so a narrow victory for the Reds is my call. 

Jason McAteer rate:

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Liverpool FC - Everton FC 01.04.17 - option will be closed on 01.04.17 at 12:30 GMT(+3)
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