Heading to Anfield Again comes to the end

A great fight for the victory in our contest, which had two stages this year, took place for almost two months. Over 500 people participated in it, using various strategies in their online trading. Ten contenders who showed the best results on their demo accounts were determined (see Top 10 players below).

Finalists are to receive wonderful prizes from InstaForex and FC Liverpool and ensured themselves participation in the second contest’s stage. It was carried out on live accounts and lasted for a few days.

Despite its short period, the fight was even tougher. The results of five bets with the total deposit of USD 50 showed that Viktor Zimin from Sochi with the result 54 USD became the winner of the second stage and the whole contest. Two contestants happened to take the second place simultaneously: Viktor Kostrikin from Ekatherinburg and Vitaliy Tregubov from Tolyatti. They both had USD 36 left on their accounts. According to the contest’s rules, the winner was to be chosen randomly and the fortune smiled upon Vitaliy Tregubov .

We congratulate Viktor and Vitaliy on the victory in the Heading to Anfield Again contest and thank all participants for the brave fight and active competition until the very end. We also wish our winners to really enjoy their trip to Liverpool and cheer the legendary club on in one of the last games of this season.

Top 10
Login Nick Rating
67029420 serov 2980
67039714 Pluton 2540
67034087 686799 2335
67044020 Vito-Karkeone 1705
67040322 Chohan 1600
67039495 Mabuta 1560
67039076 ajtkr 1555
67029589 Rsakom 1540
67033647 Sergey 1500
67033168 tronit 1480
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